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Sunday 8th. November 2009, Remembrance Sunday, photographing the morning's events in Lydney, and then later in Bream, Gloucestershire, UK. Please click on sub-page: REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY.

March 2010. Farmer, Martin Yarworth continued to look after sheep whilst living in a horse-box and tent on his family farm land .He refused to leave his land after wrongfully being evicted from his family home. Click on sub-page: MARTIN YARWORTH.

August 2011 - February 2012. The church of St, Mary, St. Peter & St, Paul in Westbury-on-Severn has had it old peal of six bells removed and restored and reinstalled into its unusula detached bell tower.. The work was possible because of a lottery funding grant. Click on sub-page: CHURCH BELLS' RESTORATION.

October-November 2013. The A48 road surface was removed and relayed in the village of Blakeney, Gloucestershire. Click on sub-page: ROAD RESURFACING,